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Meet The Team

Kelli B - CEO/ Founder and Serial Fempreneur



serial fempreneur

A Fort Greene Brooklyn native and lifelong NYC resident,

Kelli is truly a jill of all trades.

She has interests as diverse as her hometown and insists

on putting her left shoe on first...always. 🤷🏾‍♀️ 

Favorite food: French Fries. Favorite cocktail: Negroni

And don't worry, she's much warmer than her resting b*tch face suggests.


Hailing from Caracas, Venezuela, Melanie is fluent in Spanish, English and Love.

She pours emotion and passion into all things that she does,

including crafting cocktails.

Mel is also a formidable force in the NY/Long Island real estate industry and brings her active listening skills to making sure that bar patrons get the

cocktail of their dreams, each and every time. 

Fun facts: Melanie is obsessed with intermittent fasting, has an alarmingly large collection of sunglasses, is a single supermom to an intense boy/girl duo.

Mel also habitually sends love and light (🖕🏼)to people who cut her off in traffic. 



Archie - With Glasses and Hat, smiling

According to NY Magazine, "If you are as interested in stimulating conversation as you are in acquiring unusual objects, then make a stop at Chapeau, where owner Archie Broady holds court, quoting Shakespeare and Ai Weiwei between sharing the stories behind the objets d’art he’s gathered from far and wide, like wooden salt-and-pepper shakers reminiscent of boar’s tusks or willowy bent-wood chairs."

Archie is our Chief Innovation Officer and makes sure Team ELLA is

always shooting for the stars.


picture of Jess LH, blond messy bun, blue eyes, tilted sunglasses, cool girl

Originally from TrailerParkVille, Texas, Jessica stormed into NYC as soon as she was of legal age and quickly made a name for herself in the NYC nightlife scene. She spent decades (wo)manning the ropes at legendary hotspots, including SPA, Lot 61 and Rose Bar. Countless nights spent at these decadent haunts left her with a keen eye for design and an insatiable appetite for all things luxe.

Previously, she expressed her love for design by flipping houses and condos in NY/NJ and now has now generously lent her design skills

to craft the interiors at ELLA.

Fun facts: Jess is nearly 6’ tall, a bomba$$ mom to two girls, loves trap music and has great disdain for the early morning visitors to her neighbor's bird feeder.



Elementary school aged biracial girl in SuperGirl costume pointing to the sky with Brooklyn backdrop

This tiny titan is a natural entrepreneur who is wasting no time

channeling her super-heroine abilities.

We are perpetually inspired

by the reckless abandon with which

she lets her light shine.


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